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Update on Herb Gardening! November 26, 2008

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Hi everyone,

First off I wanted to say Happy Thanksgiving! I am so excited for tomorrow I can’t handle it. I love this time of the year and getting together with family. So enjoy your Turkey Day! I know I will!


With that said I wanted to update you all on my herb garden. It is doing very good and I am starting to see small plants growing out of the soil. I should be able to start using my herbs soon. I can’t wait. However, I did kill a few of them at first.

Here are some little tips I picked up on successful herb growing:

1) Don’t over water. I thought my plants needed water everyday and I gave them what I thought was enough every morning. I soon found out I was drowning them and they stood no chance. I learned to use a misting spray bottle and just sprites them a little every morning rather than dumping water in their containers. They started sprouting soon after.

2) I also had my herbs in the window that faced East because I thought morning sunlight would be better. Well I learned that a window facing South was much better. If you do not have a window facing South like me, you should invest in a growing lamp.

3) My last tip which I have not done yet but might have to in the next couple weeks is to watch the roots. If they are getting to big you might want to re-pot the herbs in a bigger pot. Also, change out the soil frequently. I think I will do that the end of next month as well.

You may also want to visit these sites for more tips on herb gardening.,,

Until next time 🙂


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