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Transplanting! October 9, 2008

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Hi Everyone,

If you are the type of person who likes to get an early start and plant your vegetables in pots to store inside; here are a few tips for transplanting your vegetables when the time is right.

1) Remember to wait until the last frost has hit for transplanting heat sensitive vegetables like peppers, tomatoes, eggplant etc. If you are transplanting cabbage, broccoli or other hearty vegetables, a week or two before the last frost is just fine. These types of vegetables can withstand harsh weather.

2) A week before you transplant you need to harden off your plants. This means each day gradually leave your plants outside longer and longer before completing the transplant. The first day leave your plant outside for two hours in part shade. The next day leave it out for four hours. Gradually increase the time each day until you can leave it out all day and all night. You are then ready to transplant.

3) Try transplanting on a cloudy day or in the evening when it is not so hot.

4) Make sure you have everything ready before you take your plants out of their pots so that their roots and bulbs do not get to much exposure.

5) Prepare the soil first. Loosen the soil to at least 12 inches deep. Add some manure or fertilizer to the hole. Do not plant your plants to close together (this could cause disease problems). 

6) Make sure the soil is moist by watering right after you transplant. Remember not to over water though.

Here is a table with the difficulty level of transplanting certain vegetables (2). This could come in handy when deciding what vegetables you want to plant early.

Relative difficulty in transplanting various vegetables
Easy to transplant Medium difficulty Difficult to transplant
broccoli cauliflower cucumber
brussels sprouts celery muskmelon
cabbage eggplant squash
lettuce onion watermelon
tomato pepper

These few little tip will hopefully help in a successful transplant.

For more tips try going to these web sites:





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