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Starting a Garden! September 25, 2008

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Hello Everyone,

I fugured I would talk about some basic gardening tips for a beginner starting a garden. Many people want to grow vegetables, they just don’t know where or how to start. First, pick a spot where there is a lot of sunlight. Vegetables need at least six hours of full sunlight a day to be successful. If you are in an apartment or condo like I am you can always plant vegetables in pots. Start out small, gardening can be a big chore and if you are not ready for it and plant to much you will get discouraged and you won’t be successful. There is always next year to expand your garden and plant more if you decide you can handle more.

Gardening can be quite expensive so if you are on a budget like I am you should start your vegetables from seeds indoors, weeks before the last frost. Then you can transplant them when ready. Start your garden outside with lots of fresh soil and fertilizer. A good website to visit when trying to map out where you are going to plant which vegetable and how deep you should plant them is After you plant your vegetables, surround them with mulch to help keep weeds from over coming your garden. If you are like me, you do not have time to continuously pick weeds. Next, you might consider putting a fence up around your garden to keep animals from getting in it.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is a small well maintained healthy garden is better then a big neglected garden.

Well that is the basic information for starting a garden. I will give more info. next week.

Have a great weekend!


One Response to “Starting a Garden!”

  1. Ted Says:

    Last spring I tried planting some peppers inside before the last frost and It ended up not really working. After a couple of weeks out doors they died.(I am a bad gardener) Maybe I just transplanted wrong or didn’t give them enough mulch. At some point it would be great if you would do a blog topic on transplanting. Overall though I really like this blog and am hoping to gain some advice for next years garden.


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