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My first mistake! September 5, 2008

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I figured I would start out by telling you about my first mistake and the problems I encountered in the spring of 2008 with my tomato plants.

My parents have always had numerous tomato plants in their backyard and I always stood next to them in the afternoon when I got home and I would eat the tomato’s right off the vines. I love tomato’s! So, when I moved into my own place a tomato plant was the first thing I wanted to plant. Of course I had to wait for the following spring to come. So, in the beginning of April 2008 I went and bought two cherry tomato plants and all the fixings to go with them. My parents told me it was still too early and too cold to plant them, but I could not wait. Luckily, the lady at Fort Collins Nursery was very helpful. She informed me that I could plant them as long as I bought a water wall. The water wall is the coolest thing since bread and butter in my opinion. It simply creates a green house effect and keeps my plants from freezing. I was so excited! I was going to have tomato’s three weeks before my parents.

My tomato plants w/water wall

My tomato plants w/water wall

Everything was looking good and about the middle of May I was able to take the water wall off my plants. My tomato plants were looking great and growing fast. I had a lot of flower buds and that meant I was going to have a lot of tomato’s. In the begging of June many of those flower buds had turned into tomato’s. I was so excited! About a week later my mom told me she ate her first tomato. I was than extremely upset! I had planted my plants three weeks before them and they got red tomato’s before me. What was going on? Then my sister informed me that I was watering my plants too much and that was why they were not turning red. I couldn’t understand! I was only watering them once a day like I was told. However, they were not getting as much direct sunlight as my parents plants were so I needed to cut back. As soon as I did that the tomato’s started to turn red. I was again very excited!

The next little tip my parents gave me when they saw how scrawny my plants were, was to bury them deeper in the soil. Their tomato plants were always so full and tall and then there was mine, short and thin. So next year I know. I will cut the bottom couple of branches off and bury the plants deeper in the soil. Next year I should have award winning tomato plants! Ha.

Well, I won’t go that far but I now know not to water my plants too much and to bury them deeper. These two things will help to ensure that I get a lot more tomato’s earlier in the season then this year.

I guess you live and learn! Hopefully these little tips will help anyone else reading this that want to grow their own. All of you now know how to have a successful tomato plant.


3 Responses to “My first mistake!”

  1. cariec Says:

    I couldn’t keep a plant alive if it would save my life. Thus I’m not a big gardener. But I think it’s really cool that you are talking about your experiences, what works and what doesn’t. Your pictures are really cool. I like the scheme too.

    These tips will be very useful when I’m trying to keep my plants alive…again.

  2. Steve K Says:

    Hi Kristi,

    First off, I love the “look” of your blog. It’s very fitting to your topic and brings a very natural feeling to your design. I love that you already have personal pictures going into your anecdotes and they are in a personal narrative format as well. Because I can’t grow plants to save my life, I have a high amount of respect for you. I’d love to one day have an herb garden or some homegrown vegetables at my house, so I will be checking in on your posts for sure.

    The only thing I had a little trouble with was you jumped directly into a story without an introduction. I was able to derive formalities myself as you told the story; however, I think maybe a little intro would help too. I want to know more about your experiences with growing and maybe a history too :). Thanks for choosing such an interesting topic.

  3. Ted O'Brien Says:

    I have tried to grow tomatos in my garden this year but it failed. My two plants are pretty much dying right now and have never produced a single tomato. Thanks though for this post because I am a hudge tomato fan and would like to grow producing plants. Also if you have ever tried to grow peppers you should put a blog post up about that. My plant seems very healthy but it doesnt really do much. This blog is great and I can’t wait to hear more.

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